Application to Join Journalism 2021-2022

Thank you for your interest in joining Santa Clara High's Journalism class. Our class produces the school newspaper, The Roar, and its online news site,

If you will be a student at SCHS in 2021-2022, you are eligible to apply. Just complete the simple form below, and send us a sample of your writing or art following the Instructions at the end of the form.

Make sure to click SUBMIT on the form when you are finished. After you submit, we will send you an email confirmation. Application decisions will be emailed within two weeks of us receiving both your form and your writing sample. All applicants with solid writing or art skills and willingness to do the work of the class will be admitted until an enrollment of 25 to 30 is reached. Once you are admitted, you will be notified, and you will be automatically be added to the class for 2021-2022.

To learn more about the class and whether it's right for you, click on this link:

If you have any questions, come see the Journalism advisor, Mr. Ansaldo, in B109. Or email him at
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Send Your Writing or Art Sample
To complete your application, send a graded essay you wrote within the last year to the journalism advisor, Mr. Ansaldo. You may add a piece of writing you did on your own, though this is purely optional. If you are primarily interested in photography or illustration, also submit a sample of this type of work. Deliver the work by either:

* sharing the work with Mr. Ansaldo through email:
* mailing it to him at this address: Bob Ansaldo, SCHS Journalism Advisor, 3000 Benton St., Santa Clara CA 95051

After doing this, your application will be complete!
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