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I like to think about healing as a conscious movement from a place in your life that doesn't feel so good, into a place that feels better. Its that simple. And its likely you have experienced healing this way before, however the struggle to make substantial shifts is real. This is because healing happens at all levels.

As a healing mentor I help you to understand how to recalibrate your life around your healing. I use a holistic approach centralized around self love and intentional play and of course Hula Hoops.

I doesn't matter to me where you are on your journey, I can give you the support you need to reach new levels of healing. My programs are personal, accessible and customizable.

This is an introductory questionnaire that is only used to get to know each other. By completing this form you are in no way committed to working with me. All questions are optional and you can decided how you would like to move forward.
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