JoCo Cruise 2020 - Berth Additions Wait List
Please complete this form if you plan to add a berth or berths to your existing booking, but have not yet selected and paid for the additional berth(s) at the time of booking. (If you have berths under "temporary names"—i.e., paid for the additional berths when booking and chose the "I don't know who this guest is yet" option—then you DO NOT need to complete this form.)

Completing this form will automatically add you to the applicable "wait list." Those on the wait list will be the first to receive updates regarding availability.

Please note: joining this list does not guarantee that we can accommodate your berth addition request.

Only one person per booking needs to join this list.
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If you are unable to add the desired berth(s) and/or upgrade to the higher-occupancy cabin, would you need to/want to cancel your booking? *
If you have any additional comments or questions not covered above regarding adding berths to your booking, please enter them below:
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