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Pick-up Player Request Form
Pick-Up Player Rules: All pick-up player forms MUST be submitted by 9pm Thursday.You MUST play the classification/age of the highest classed player on your team. For example, a 14B team needs to pick up 3 players for the weekend, so they decide to pick up 2 players from a 14B team and 1 player from a 14A team. In this example ,the team must now play 14A or above because of the 14A player that belongs to a 14A team. We are okay with pick -players but need teams to pick up players from a team that is classed the same as your team or lower. In addition, if your team picks up a player that is rostered as a 16B player, the team must play 16B with that player."B" teams are allowed to pick-up A rostered players from a younger age team. Example: a 14B team may pick-up a player from a 12A team for the weekend.Pick-up players for "C" teams may only come from other "C" teams. "C" teams are not allowed to pick up a player rostered on an A or B team at any age. NO A/B PLAYERS AS PICK-UP PLAYERS FOR C TEAMS.If a "C" team picks up a player registered to a higher age "C" team, they will be required to play at the age/division of that player is registered to.League Rosters will not be considered when looking at a player's registered class.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any team that uses a pick-up player will automatically waive their rights to a direct berth. The event will still count towards a teams' total for an at-large berth.

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