LDTC October 12-13 2019 WCRL Trial
Info for the Lucky Dog Training Center October 12-13 2019 all day WCRL Trial
Entries Open: Wednesday August 21, 2019 at 10:00am
Entries Close: Wednesday September 25, 2019 at 6:00pm or when trials fill, whichever comes first. If the trial fills, we will keep a wait list as specified in the premium.

Click on each question below to complete your entry. Entry forms are PER TEAM.

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Dog Information
Dogs must have a WCRL or USDAA registration number. Entries will not be accepted or considered valid without a registration number. To register, go to www.rallydogs.com or use the Dog Registration Form in the premium. For dogs with both a WCRL and USDAA number, the WCRL number must be used to enter a WCRL event in order for the scores to be credited to the proper record.
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Entry and Fee Information
Please select “A” or “B” for each class you would like to enter. “A” classes are for dogs that have NOT earned the base title for that level (i.e., RL1, RL2, RL3, RLV). “B” classes are for dogs that have completed that base title for that level.The Intro class is not separated into A or B
Saturday- Trial 1
Saturday- Trial 2
Sunday- Trial 1
Sunday- Trial 2
Veteran A
Veteran B
If entering the Intro Class, indicate highest title earned or none:
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Fees Due *
Each class is $22.
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Anticipated Titles *
Enter any titles you anticipate receiving at the trial: RL1 RL2 RL3 RLI RLV RL1X RL2X RL3X RLVX ARCH ARCHX ARCHEX ARCHMX. Please note that title rosettes will be reserved for exhibitors who indicate anticipated title(s) on their entry at least four (4) weeks prior to the trial dates.Titles earned at the trial but not indicated on the exhibitor entry will be provided as soon as possible after the trial.
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