Cloudbric Airdrop Sign-up
Airdrop Participation:
- Join our official Telegram group:
- Follow our official twitter @cloudbric:
- You have to be in the Telegram group and be following the official Twitter at the beginning of participation until the end of the airdrop program to qualify.

Post on the Airdrop thread: in the following format:

#Cloudbric Airdrop
Telegram Profile: <Telegram Username>
Twitter Profile: <Link to Twitter>
Referral Link: <Referral Link>

- Post a constructive message in the Cloudbric Telegram group introducing yourself, with a comment or question about the Cloudbric project. An example is "Hey everyone, I'm ___, been in crypto for a few years now and it's awesome to see how Cloudbric solves a pretty essential problem in the industry".
- We will be monitoring the group closely and deleting all messages that are spam-like or generic (comments such as "hi", "hello", "good project", or any variation without substance will be deleted).

**Once everything is done, your ETH address and Telegram will be logged into our system, and you will be rewarded 120 CLB tokens (~$5), which will be credited at the end of the program. You must have at least one message posted in the group to qualify for the airdrop, which will be monitored through one of our bots. **

You can check your Cloudbric Airdrop sign-up progress here:

Referral Program:
- After signing up, you will receive a link of this form with a <Your Telegram Username> at the end to enter your Telegram username (without the brackets or @). If people click on this link, the last question that says "If Referred, Enter their Telegram Username" will be auto-filled with your Telegram username, and if they sign-up and complete all the requirements, you will earn 40 CLB (~$2) per referral.

**An example of the link with referral linking to username @emphatik would be this:**

You may also do a referral manually by telling them to enter your Telegram username into the last question.

**You will be awarded 40 CLB tokens (~$2) per referral.**
Email *
Telegram Username *
Enter your Telegram username without the @. You will be able to track your referrals through this username.
Twitter Handle *
Must be an account with over 100 followers and be following
ETH Address *
DO NOT use exchange addresses. Please use a MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, or Ledger Wallet address.
If Referred, Enter their Telegram Username
Will auto-fill with the user who referred you. Leave blank if not referred by anyone.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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