TPS Student Incident Report Form
At Tulliallan Primary School (TPS) it is important that everyone feels safe, supported and welcome.
Unfortunately, sometimes people make choices which don't align with our school values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, RELATIONSHIPS and RESILIENCE.
Everyone at Tulliallan has a voice, so if you have been involved in, or have witnessed a serious incident that you feel like you should report, then please complete the following form.

We ask that you please use this form responsibly and if you need help, ask a trusted person to help you fill it in.
Anything you write on this form will be kept private and investigated in a careful manner.

Your Name: *
Thank you for being an upstander. We will keep the details of the person filling out this form private, but we may come and speak to you when we are following up the incident.
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Homegroup: *
This will help us if we need to talk to you when following up the incident.
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Were you involved in the incident? *
Where did the incident take place? *
Select one or more of the following
Name all of the people involved. Include Home groups where possible. *
Separate each student name with a comma
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Provide a short description of what happened? *
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Do you have any evidence? *
Includes screenshots, emails, photos, videos or other witnesses
If Yes, what evidence do you have?
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Have you told an adult? *
It is strongly recommended that you also talk to an adult about the incident
What do you think should happen next? *
How do you think this situation should be resolved or handled to support everyone involved?
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