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Thanks for choosing to work with Our soul aim is to increase your footfall via tourism trade , International trade and special occasions. Please note you can choose as many packages as you like or opt out with all with OPTION ONE.
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Option 1 Opt Out- ( Why Would you want to?)
Option one requires you to do nothing, we have seen you,liked what we see & picked out some nice bits and put them all together . In getting a booking, the chosen items/ service will be paid at full published price .It's a Free Country! So you have the choice to OPT OUT HERE
Option 2
Option two is stating that you can offer exclusive discounts and offers when booking via You're the boss, you choose when, what and how much.
Please Write Here Your Offers: (e.g 10% off all cocktails before 10pm)
Option 3
Pay Per Booking- Old School Style, you pay £2pp booking for everyone we send to you. We here at will be the ones in contact with you with customer names , so you know they are one of ours! Invoices will be sent no longer then 3 days after service/event have been attended. (PAYPAL ONLY )
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PayPal is currently our only means of curating this option safely for you and us. Other methods will soon be available and we will update you when there is more to tell on this.
Option 4
Special Occasions- Birthdays, EP launches , Stag Hen, Dos . Babyshowers etc - Fixed £50 finders fee. You choose who pays it, simple. You or the customer e.g Your Hire Fee is £250 you can pay the fee you keep the £200 or it can either be £300 when we tout you get the £250.
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