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Minimum Participant Requirement
Five or more participants must sign up and pay for each summer camp session in order for that session to be held.
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Injury Release
I or my child have willingly and knowingly enrolled in a program of strenuous activity including, but not limited to, all aerobic conditioning exercise, all types of dance instruction, and use of any dance or fitness facility by Performing Arts Academy of Virginia Beach.

I hereby release Performing Arts Academy of Virginia Beach from any liability now or in the future including, but not limited to, heart attacks; muscle strains, pulls or tears; broken bones; shin splints; all heat illnesses; nerve damage, knee/lower back/foot injuries; and other illnesses or injury, however caused, occurring during or after my participation in the fitness or dance instruction programs.
I understand and agree to PAA's injury release. *
Photo Release Permission
Performing Arts Academy of Virginia Beach advertises by print advertisement, television, website, and social media.  We would like permission to use your child's photo.  Please sign below if you give permission for PAA to use your child's photo.
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PAA Behavior and Etiquette Policy
Performing Arts Academy is more than just a dance studio.  To many of our students, it is a second home where we have created a family of our own.  Please remember that a positive, pleasant attitude is expected at all times.  We will always refer to each other in nice and encouraging ways. Social media or any other electronic communication (i.e., texting, phone calls, etc.) will only be used in a kind manner.  We will not start nor will we participate in idle gossip.

When attending an event outside of our studio, we expect our students and our dance parents to be professional, courteous, and supportive of other dancers and instructors both inside and outside of our studio. This is something that Performing Arts Academy takes very seriously.

At PAA, we do our best to meet the needs of every family and attempt to do everything in the most organized and effective manner possible.  However, we realize that on occasion we may do something that does not work for you or your student.  If this occurs, please talk to Ms. Keller directly rather than expressing yourself in other ways (complaining in the waiting room, through social media, etc.).

Anything posted to social media by a parent or child that is derogatory to a student or the studio is grounds for immediate dismissal from the studio.
I understand and agree to PAA's Behavior and Etiquette Policy. *
Tuition Policy
Tuition is $150 per week/camp

Tuition must be paid by automatic debit. There is a $50 return check/charge fee.

I understand and agree to PAA's Tuition Policy *
I understand that I will have to pay tuition in a timely fashion by credit/debit card. *
By signing my electronic signature and dating below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree with all of the above provisions herein contained.
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