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This year's Winter Storm will take place January 15-17 and 22-24. For details about the schedule and program, check out the website: Thank you for taking a couple minutes to register--it makes our planning much easier!
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We call it the 'Cocoaloquium': two hours of daily writing time before lunch, 10am-noon. You write your papers while we provide the cocoa, coffee, and peer pressure.
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We will provide lunch every day, 12-1pm. Unlike previous Winter Storms, this year there will be no talks during lunch, to allow more time for us to meet and catch up on research with each other.
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Plenary talk and reception
We are excited to welcome Laura Wagner (OSU Psychology) as an invited speaker on Wednesday, January 23. Her research examines language acquisition and intersects with many aspects of the research in our own community, including children’s acquisition of event semantics and their encoding of dialect and register to understand social indexical meanings. We also have a longstanding relationship with Laura because of her unique expertise in language science outreach efforts.
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Wednesday, January 23. Talk starts ~2:45pm.
Wrap-up social
We'll conclude Winter Storm with a social event starting around 4pm on Thursday, January 24.
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Professional development
We will start each day with 9-10am sessions designed to improve professional skills and discuss topics relevant to any language science career, including how to write letters of recommendation, support neurodivergent students in teaching and mentoring, reason about effect sizes and power, and decide whether or not to pre-register your research.
Discussion groups
We've reserved a lot of time in the schedule for interest groups to meet and discuss readings and/or ongoing collaborative projects. Please let us know which of the following planned groups you might be interested in, or if you have an idea for another group. See group descriptions and contacts here:

This is not a binding commitment; it just helps with our planning. If you're not sure yet, no worries!
Research discussions
Research discussion groups will have time to meet each afternoon, 1-2:30pm.
Policy discussions
Policy discussion groups will have time to meet each afternoon, 2:45-3:45pm.
Methods workshops
This year we have a multi-session statistics workshop scheduled, and parallel single-session workshops in Python and in several neuro analysis methods.
Methods workshops
4-5:30pm. Let us know which you might be interested in. (Again, not a binding commitment!)
Comments or suggestions
Let us know if you have any other comments or suggestions or activities you'd like us to add to the schedule. You can also contact any members of the organizing committee: Yi Ting Huang, Ellen Lau, and Alexander Williams.
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