Tiger mylk: doorstep delivery
Tiger mylk is a locally made dairy-free milk, delivered in re-usable glass bottles. It is naturally creamy and sweet, made from a careful balance of wholesome ingredients.

Tiger nuts, which form the basis of the milk, are grown underground in the root system of the plant Cyperus esculentus, which is a non-intensive crop closely related to grasses. This year, I'm experimenting with growing the plants in Bristol. All ingredients in the mylk are selected as being from sustainable sources.

The standard tiger mylk variety has been specially formulated to work great in tea and coffee, whilst the tiger & hemp has added vitamins and nutrients, and is best in cereals, desserts and for cooking.

The milk is a good source of iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium, and the Tiger & Hemp has added protein, omega fatty acids and vitamin E.

Tiger mylk ingredients: Filtered water, tiger nuts (16% / Spain), almonds (Spain / organic) sunflower oil (UK), sunflower lecithin , Atlantic sea salt (Portugal / organic)

Tiger & Hemp mylk ingredients: Filtered water, tiger nuts (16% / Spain), Hemp seeds (China / organic), almonds (Spain / organic), sunflower oil (UK), sunflower lecithin , Atlantic sea salt (Portugal / organic)

The mylks settle and seperate a little, the same as you'd get in unhomogenized cow milk. Its all good stuff, so give the bottle a good shake before pouring!

The mylk is delivered in 750ml bottles, and is thicker and richer than anything you can buy in the shops. It is pasteurised, and whilst it is recommended that you use it within 4 days of opening, it can last up to a week, and longer if the bottle is unopened (and kept chilled).
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Delivery area: At the moment its only possible to deliver to roads shown on the below map
The delivery will be every week on a Tuesday, between 8pm - 10pm. What would you like delivered to your doorstep? *
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Buy-the-bottle scheme
Re-use is the best form of recycling, and an important part of the sustainability of this enterprise. Also, the true cost of the bottles and screwcaps is not factored into the price of the mylk, so for the project to be viable I need to be re-using 80-90% of the bottles every week.

So, the first time you buy the mylk, you also buy the bottle. Its yours, so take care of it! Give it a good rinse after use and put it out again before 7pm on Tuesdays. If you lose or break a bottle, you'll have to buy a new one. Every week, I will swap an empty one for one full of mylk.

*** Please put bottles out for collection before 7pm on Tuesday evenings ***
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Standing order + one-off payment
Now the not-so-fun but important bit. Please make a one-off payment for the amount of bottles you would like, and a weekly standing order for the mylk you would like. E.g. if you were going to have 2 x Tiger & Hemp mylks, make a one-off payment of £2, and a weekly standing order of £3.40.

With most banks you should be able to tick a box in the 'set up standing order' screen that allows you to set a different one-off initial amount than the regular amount.

*** Please make standing orders to go out on the Thursday of each week, starting from Thursday 21st June 2018 ***
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Account Name: Tiger mylk

Account Number: 23238164

Sort Code: 20-26-23

To go out: Weekly on Thursdays / Fridays, for delivery the following tuesday

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Email: info@tigermylk.co.uk

Phone: 07870631454
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