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    NatureWorks Camp Descriptions

    SURVIVAL AND AWARENESS with BJ Spring (June 9 - 20): One of PRAIRIE HILL's favorite camps (offered for a rare two-week session), campers will develop their skills in nature through fox-walking, building primitive shelters, awareness and sensory exercises, basket/rope making, and much more . . . ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS (June 23 - 27): This one-week science camp will be led by UNL professor, Eileen Hebets, who has headed up the Eight-legged Encounters event at Morrill Hall for the past two years. Children will observe and interact with a variety of animals during this camp, and will experience the scientific methods of questioning, observing, hypothesis, drawing conclusions, etc. THE FIRST CAMPERS - Native American Culture (July 7 - 18): Expand your camper's indigenous knowledge during this two-week camp through a variety of authentic experiences related to Native American culture - games, artwork, clothing, dance, language, music, legends and story-telling, food gathering, horse culture, and more! EarthARTS (July 21 - August 1): Experience the bounty of artistic materials at PRAIRIE HILL! Use the earth as the source and palette for creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces. "Natural" will be the name of the game for this session, and the possibilities are endless . . . ALL camps at PRAIRIE HILL include daily pony riding, gardening, singing, walks in the pasture, animal care, story-telling, snacks, picnics, and more. Call 402-438-6668 for more information. NEXT - General Information