STUDENTS' FEEDBACK (Teaching-Learning-Evaluation)
This questionnaire is intended to collect information relating to your satisfaction towards the faculty,teaching, learning and evaluation. The information provided by you will be kept confidential and will be used as important feedback for quality improvement of the programme of studies/institution.
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Academic year : 2020-2021
Semester : *
Class : *
Subject code and title of the paper : *
Name of the teacher *
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Select the most appropriate response for each question.
1. The teacher was punctual in class - *
2. The teacher engaged the assigned lectures - *
3. The teacher came well prepared for the class - *
4. The syllabus was covered by the teacher - *
5. Applicability/relevance ofcourse content to real life situations - *
6. Learning value of the course ( in terms of knowledge, concepts,manual skills,analytical abilities and broadening perspectives ) - *
7. The teacher illustrated the concepts through examples and applications and integrated the course material with enviornment and other issues to provide a broader perspective.. *
Both presented and pre-read material
8. The syllabus of the course was - *
9. The teacher was able to communicate the contents of the syllabus effectively - *
10. The teacher suggested additional and suitable references and learning material - *
11. The teacher used ICT tools such as LCD Projector, Multimedia, etc. while teaching - *
12. The teacher used students centric methods, such as experiential learning participative learning and problem solving methodologies for enhancing learning experiences... *
13. The teacher completed the portion - *
14. The teacher revised the contents of the syllabus - *
15. The teacher's approach towards teaching was - *
16. The teacher's explanation of concept was - *
17. In the class, the teacher's pace of speaking was - *
18. I have learnt and understood the subject materials/in the course . *
19. As regards class control, the teacher was - *
20. Internal evaluation process carried out by the teachers was - *
21. The teacher did a necessary follow - up with an assigned task given to me.. *
22. Regular and timely feedback based on my performance in internals evaluation was discussed with me - *
23. The teacher informed me about the expected competencies, course outcomes and Programme outcomes - *
24. The teacher was available and accessible in the college *
25. With regard to solving difficulties on the subject in the college campus, the teacher was - *
26. The teacher identified my strength and weakness and encouraged me towards higher achievements in academics and extra-curricular activities - *
27. Efforts were made by the teacher to inculcate soft skills, life skills and employability skills - *
28. The overall quality of teaching-learning process adopted by the teacher was .. *
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