The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office serves the law enforcement needs of all the citizens of the County and strives to do so in a professional manner, respecting the rights of all our citizens without regard to race, color, nationality, creed, gender or sexual orientation. Our policies and procedures are developed and carried out with that goal in mind and our Deputy Sheriffs are selected, trained and supervised with that goal in mind.
We use our knowledge, experience and professional judgment, combined with available information, data, analysis and research to develop our Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office policing strategies, policies and procedures. Members of the Sheriff’s Office have spent the last four years reviewing, researching and drafting updated policies which has resulted in nearly every policy in the Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Division being updated for compliance with model policies, state and federal statutes and recognized best practices in law enforcement. Some of the relevant strategies, policies and procedures and related issues are set forth below for community discussion and comment.

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