8th Grade Bullying Pre-Test
If I bully someone, I could be suspended. *
Damaging another person's property, giving dirty looks, and spreading harmful rumors all could be considered bullying. *
Sending mean or hateful emails or texts is an example of bullying behavior. *
Ignoring bullying will always make it go away. *
If I see someone bully another student, I should tell an adult. *
We all have the right to learn in a safe school. *
If someone pushes me on accident, they are being a bully. *
Girls and boys can be bullies. *
There is nothing I can do about bullies. *
Bullying is just being mean to others. *
Is this conflict or bullying: Three 7th grade girls approach the teacher and indicate that two other 7th grade girls started rumors about them. The two accused girls reply that the others started rumors first. *
Is this conflict or bullying: Your friend tells you about how he/she doesn’t want to come to school anymore because a classmate is constantly telling them that they are a terrible basketball player. *
How much of a problem is bullying for you? (How often are you being bullied?) *
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