REACH Mentor Application 2020
Thank you so much for your interest in REACH! With this application, we want to learn about who you are, why you want to join REACH, and how your experiences and skills would help you as a mentor. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're so excited to meet you soon!
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What do you know about educational inequity and how do you think you may be able to combat it as a REACH mentor? (This is a no judgement question - it's okay if you don't know much! We just want to hear your thoughts on this.) *
Why do you want to join REACH? (Please keep your answer short and sweet - no more than a paragraph!) *
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Is there anything else you would like us to consider when pairing you with a mentee? Are you a Quest Scholar, a New Haven resident, etc?
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