Julius Spizziri Student Scholarship
The intent of this scholarship is to provide financial support to identified exemplary student teachers in the field of Adapted Physical Education. A $1000.00 scholarship stipend will be awarded during student teaching semester/quarter. Acceptance of scholarship will be performed at the National Adapted Physical Education Conference.

Due Date: June 1st
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Specialize in the field of Adapted Physical Education
Pursuing adapted physical activity authorization coursework
CAHPERD member
Attending a California college/university
Criteria for Selection:
Experience/interest in working with individuals with disabilities
Scholastic proficiency
Leadership ability
Personal qualities
School, community and professional activities
Applicants Name
Full Mailing Address
E-Mail Address (year-round)
Phone (year-round)
University, Major, Minor, year status
Date of APE (anticipated)Authorization
Education Information (Universities, Degrees/Majors, credentials, authorizations), dates attended.
Professional Affiliations and dates of membership
Description of professional activities and conferences and dates attended.
Extracurricular activities and offices held or leadership roles (include dates):
Work experience. (Start with the most recent and indicate paid or volunteer):
Work or volunteer experience with individuals with disabilities (include dates):
Scholarship, awards, honors (include dates):
Please supply any additional information you believe is pertinent to this application and a statement of your professional goals and philosophy of physical education for individuals with disabilities: (not to exceed 300 words).
List the names, titles, email address, phone number of 3 authors of letters of recommendation. Submit the 3 letters of recommendation on letterhead to califstatecouncilape@gmail.com . Letters of recommendation should acknowledge the following criteria: responsibility, enthusiasm, professional attitude, leadership activities, experience and desire to work with individuals with disabilities.
Clear selection
University Adapted Physical Education Coordinator must submit the following information to califstatecouncilape@gmail.com:

This will verify that__________________________________________________________________
____ ____ 1. has completed ______ units of under graduate college work with an overall GPA of ________
____ ____ 2. has a specialization in Adapted Physical Education.
____ ____ 3. has completed ___________ units of graduate college work with an overall GPA of _________
____ ____ 4. will be doing his/her last semester of student teaching in the area of Adapted Physical Education
Starting date: __________________________
Ending date: ___________________________
Signature: _______________________________________________________________________
University Adapted Physical Education Program Coordinator
Telephone: (w)____________________________
E-mail: __________________________________
University Adapted Physical Education Coordinator Name, university, email address, phone number
Form completed by name, email address, phone
Clear form
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