Future Ways of Living 3: Participant Application Form
Date: Monday, April 30, 2018 - Saturday, May 5, 2018
Charrette Location: School of Design at 230 Richmond St. E. Toronto ON.

Join us for Future Ways of Living 3!

Future Ways of Living (FWoL) is a collaborative design exploration that was initiated by the Institute without Boundaries (IwB) and Meet the Media Guru to explore the impact of existing and emerging technologies on the way we live. FWoL 3 will challenge participants to imagine the future of creative work in alignment with technological advancement.

• How will creative industries (workplaces, ecosystems) transform in response to emerging technologies?
• What new jobs will be created or eliminated as a result of technological transformation?
• What will the products, services and systems output by creative industries look like?
• What are the social, environmental and economic impacts of this transformation?

To participate in this unique event please fill out the application form in detail and ensure you follow the instructions accurately. You will be required to upload your CV (mandatory) and portfolio (optional) in PDF format. There are a limited number of spaces available for the charrettes so apply early!

Please note: Participants will be expected to commit to the duration of the charrette, which will run from approx. 9am-5pm each day. Teams will be lead by IwB staff & faculty.

How will technology enable performing arts to become participatory and immersive?

How will fashion and jewellery move toward a circular design economy and create smart clothing that enables embedded expression and communication with its users?

How will communication design, experience design and branding move toward customized experiences and hyper-realities that add a new digital layer onto our physical environments?

How will simulations and visualizations transform the way we consume content and create new narratives within the worlds we live in?

How will emergent intelligence and ubiquitous systems emerging as a result of innovations in ICT transform the industry itself? 

How will technology transform the embodiment (expression) and access (understanding) of culture within our society? 

Note: The questions and focus area for each team will evolve in advance of the charrette, but the primary themes (industry sectors) will remain the same.

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