Library Student Survey Questions Spring 2019 Form
Thank you for taking our student survey! We appreciate your responses, which will help us make improvements to the library to better meet your academic needs.

If you would like to be entered into a drawing to win one of two $25 visa gift cards, please share your name and email address with us after completing the survey.

1.) Are you a City Tech student? *
1a.) If you are not a City Tech student, which college do you attend?
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2.) How many semesters of college have you completed? *
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3.) At home, what do you have access to? (Select all that apply) *
4.) On average, how often do you visit the physical library? *
5.) On average, how often do you use the library website? *
6.) What do you use the library for? (Select all that apply) *
7.) If you did not get what you were looking for during your last visit to the library, what was the reason? (Select all that apply) *
What topics do you feel we need to add to our collection?
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8.) If you have not visited the library or used library resources in the past year, which of the following reasons describes why? (Select all that apply)
9.) How would you describe your interactions with library faculty and staff? (Select all that apply) *
10.) If you feel that library faculty and staff don't provide the support that you need, please explain why:
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11.) Overall, how satisfied are you with library services? (Select all that apply) *
Very Dissatisfied
Neither satisfied or dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
Ask a Librarian Desk
Borrow and Return Desk
IT Support Desk
Multimedia Desk
Periodicals Lab
12.) If you picked "Very Dissatisfied" for any of those choices, please explain why below:
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13.) How would you describe the library environment and equipment? *
Computers and electronic equipment are accessible
Computers and equipment are available when I need them
Printing and photocopying services are adequate.
Group study areas are adequate.
Quiet study spaces are adequate.
The space is conducive to studying.
I can always find a place to sit.
Library spaces are physically accessible to me.
Opening hours are adequate.
14.) Mark all areas in which you would like to see technology improved: *
15.) How would you describe the library's print and digital resources? *
Resources are appropriate for my course needs
Resources are current and relevant.
Resources are easy to find.
I am aware of the resources available in the library.
Borrowing policies and procedures are clearly stated.
16.) I find the books and other materials that I am looking for in the library: *
17.) Have you ever had to leave the library before finishing a paper or studying because it was closing time? *
18.) What do you like best about the library? *
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19.) What specific things do you think should the library change to better meet your needs? (Enter N/A if you are happy with the services.) *
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20.) Please share any other comments or feedback.
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If you would like to be entered into the drawing for a $25 gift card, please let us know your name and email address: (drawing will take place by 5/31)
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