Am I ready for Love?
Millions of people get into relationships that are toxic.  When those relationships end, history will often repeat itself, because nothing has changed within.  The following quiz will give you an idea of whether you are ready for a loving, long term, emotionally balanced and romantic relationship that will rock your world in the best of ways!! When you have submitted the quiz, you will receive an email with your results.  
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Do you think you deserve a relationship? *
What are your positive attributes? *
Are you able to set healthy boundaries? *
Do you find that you often say yes when you want to say no? *
Is it easy for you to communicate your feelings?   *
Do you often wonder if your relationship will end before it has really begun? *
Do you worry that your new partner might cheat on you? *
Do you still find yourself thinking about an ex and wishing you were still together? *
How long do your relationships usually last? *
When you end a relationship do you remain friends with your ex? *
When you are in a relationship and you disagree with your partner about something, do you... *
Historically, what are arguments in your relationship usually about? *
When you broke up with your partner, what was the reason? *
What is the most important part of a relationship? *
Why do you think you are single? *
What does it feel like when you are single? *
If you suddenly met someone who is a very good match for you, what would your reaction be? *
What makes you worried about getting into a relationship? *
When someone asks you out on a date, do you...? *
You find yourself very attracted to your date, what do you say at the end of the date? *
What happens if they don't contact you again after the first date? *
If someone breaks up with you, what do you do first? *
As a Relationship Coach what would you most like me to answer to when it comes to relationships? *
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