The Student Employee Of The Year awards recognise and promote students who successfully combine a part-time job alongside their studies and make an exceptional contribution to their employing organisation.

Once you have nominated the student for the award you want to, please click 'Next' until page 10 to submit your nomination. Please put 'N/A' in all other sections not part of your category.


Please use this form to nominate employers. Fill your own details out under the Nominatior headings and the Student/Team headings for the Employer's details.

Go to the Employer Award Category to fill out your nominating reasons.

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NASES will use email details to notify students of their nomination. Any email address given will be sent to the University contact based at the institution where the student studies. It will be used to verify information linked to the nominees’ student record and for notifying the student of their nomination. By giving an email address, you are happy for NASES to notify the institution of your nomination.
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