2019-2020 Form for Students
This form is mandatory for all Solon High School Music students to participate in activities associated with the music program. The information requested in this form covers General Student Information, Camp Rules and the Uniform Contract. Please read the following information carefully before filling out the form.

GENERAL STUDENT INFORMATION: Information needed to help coordinate Band Camp activities.

CAMP RULES: All Band Camp attendees must abide by the following rules.

1. No smoking materials, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes (includes e-cigarettes, vaping products, etc.), alternative nicotine products, non-prescription drugs not included on parental consent form, or alcoholic beverages are permitted at band camp.
2. ABSOLUTELY no hazing permitted.
3. The chaperones and camp staff must be obeyed and treated with respect. They have the same authority as the directors.
4. No band member will leave the campus during free time or at any other time.
5. No guys in girl's rooms and no girls in guy's rooms during free time or any other time.
6. No returning to the dorm at any time, other than free time except by permission of one of the directors.
7. No one is permitted out of the dorms after lights out and before the morning time stated on the schedule.
8. No excuses for tardiness will be accepted.
9. No bare feet or sandals permitted on the marching field.
10. Dorms will be kept clean at all times. Inspection of dorms will be done as deemed necessary. Any cleaning or repair costs that result from your treatment of Walsh property will be passed to you and your parents for reimbursement.
11. Do not enter any room other than your own, except by invitation (rule 5 applies).
12. Band members are not permitted in any other building on campus outside of those designated for camp.
13. If prescription medication is to be administered by a staff member, it should be in the original prescription container and placed in a plastic zip bag with your first and last name on it. It must be given to the nurse on the day of departure.
14. Lost keys will be charged up to $55 per key.
15. In addition, all rules of Solon High School and the Solon Board of Education will be enforced during the entire duration of the camp and at all band events. Any violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action by the directors. If you have questions, consult Mr. Mauldin.

UNIFORM CONTRACT: This is the agreement between the student and parents with the Solon Music Parents organization to ensure proper treatment of the uniforms and outline replacement costs for lost or damaged components of the uniforms issued to students. Replacement costs are as follows:
Coat - $215
Pants - $110
Hat - $50
Capes - $60
Raincoats - $54
Beret (tubas) - $15
Gloves - $2
Braids - $2 - $12
Hat Box - $6

Additionally, students must agree to:
1) Have shoes as specified by the directors. Shoes will be purchased prior to band camp.
2) Safeguard the uniform issued to them and avoid behavior that would stain or damage it.
3) Reimburse the Solon Music Parents organization for uniform items lost or damaged.
4) Appropriate dress for underneath the uniform is sport shorts (nylon or cotton), an acceptable t-shirt and appropriate height white socks for marching band. This clothing is furnished by the student and remains their property.

COMMUNITY SERVICE CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES: Students who help with Solon Music Parents fundraising activities are eligible for community service credit for their participation. Please indicate if you are able to help with fundraising activities.

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