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Khaenri'ah is a Lore Project and Community dedicated to exploring Teyvat's lore, people, and histories. Named after the region far from the purview of the Seven, we’re a group of friends building a fansite & community dedicated to pooling together essays, theories, and analyses on Teyvat and beyond. We’re no diehard experts (and none of us know everything!), we just love the lore, people, and histories unfolding in the world of Genshin Impact. We were founded in January 2021.

As members of the Khaenri'ah team learn about the world of Genshin Impact, we aim to share it and make it digestible + accessible for others as well! If you’ve ever fallen in love with a character’s backstory, dug through a book series, found the stories behind artifact pieces interesting, seen the mandala in the sky, or simply want to learn more... we’d love to have you join us.

All Khaenri'ah Staff are 18+, and are working and studying full-time. This is a passion project that we do out of love.

We've also released a Lore Library at and regularly share theories/info about Genshin lore at We began on January 4th, 2021 but formally launched in late March 2021. For more information on the moderators and contributors behind Khaenri'ah, please see our website's contributors section.

CONTACT: Chia#9999 on Discord or

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Contributing to Khaenri'ah

Here are some ways you can help with the Khaenri'ah project! We currently have Staff (administrators) and Contributors on our team. You will be working with other contributors and reporting to Staff.'

– Research and strategize content for Khaenri'ah: what are the most interesting questions and mysteries that people have yet to talk about on the world of Teyvat?
– Write and edit content for Khaenri'ah through explainers, theories, and analyses
– Design visuals and graphics for the Khaenri'ah brand, and as accompaniment to content releases. (We have a design system on Figma, and also create posters on Photoshop.)
– Archive and catalogue theories scattered all over the internet (especially Reddit, Twitter, and HoYoLab) into our website and Notion database
– Manage the social media and community (Discord + Twitter) for Khaenri'ah, potentially hosting giveaways & community events later on
– Script, plan, voiceover, and edit video essays with us
– Work with us on our lore anthology
– Join us in podcasts and Twitch streams discussing Genshin Impact lore!

Note that being a Khaenri'ah Contributor does not give you moderation permissions on the Discord.
Eligibility & Requirements
– You MUST be at least 16 to sign up. The staff team is 18+, please keep that in mind and only sign up if you're comfortable with this.
– You must be able to communicate in English.
– Have a Discord and email you're comfortable sharing with us. We are unable to make exceptions.
– Your application will be ignored if it's clear that you have never engaged with our content or website. Please look at before applying.

Notes on Commitment
– We have no strict commitment expectations for contributors. However, if you volunteer for a time-sensitive project (e.g. a video that will perform best if released by X date), we will try to enforce deadlines to keep things fair for all contributors. Other work can be performed at your own pace!
Visit Khaenri'ah
We HIGHLY encourage you to join the Discord and scan through our website before applying. Applicants that don't show an understanding of our content are unlikely to be considered.



Khaenri'ah Lore Library →
A massive curation effort working to catalogue Genshin fan theories, currently at 150+ entries.

Beginner's Guide to Genshin Lore →
An introductory guide and reference to Teyvat's main storyline, and everything from the Ley Lines to Old Mondstadt.

Databases → &
We maintain an in-game translations, symbolism, and (soon) character database.

We run lore-focused events like PowerPoint Parties and Kahoots to make lore fun, diverse, and community-oriented.
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