Baby Contest
1. Must be a Canadian citizen either by birth or naturalization.
2. Must live in the Annapolis Valley.
3. Must be within the age categories at time of Exhibition.
• Newborn, 0-5 months of age.
• 5 - 8 months of age.
• 9 - 13 months of age.
• 14 -18 months of age.
4. Will be expected to participate in the contest on the afternoon of the 13.
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By signing your name below, you acknowledge that your child will be on stage in front of an audience where pictures may be taken by exhibition staff for promotional use. By signing your name below, you are also agreeing to exonerate the Annapolis Valley Exhibition, their employees, directors, and all volunteers from any responsibility for floss, theft or injury to any participant, spectator, or property while competing in this competition.
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Child Remark
We would like each contestant to submit a remark to add about your baby. For instance, something like “Ava’s favorite baby food is carrots, and she hates sweet potato” or “John likes his two older sisters, except when they hide his teddy bear.”
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