Fort River Watershed Feedback
The MA Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program awarded Amherst a $170,000 action grant to study three Town culverts for replacement.  The goal is to replace these aging, deteriorated, culverts with more open crossings that will improve flood resiliency, allow for wildlife passage, and improve the overall health of the Fort River.  This year, using the MVP funds, DPW will work with consultants and contractors to collect data on the culvert locations including hydrologic and hydraulic, wetland, and geotechnical information.

Your feedback on the importance of these culverts, and how you value the health of the Fort River, is important to the Town's process.
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The goal of this project is to improve the health and flood resistance of the Fort River Watershed. 
Top priority
High priority
Moderate priority
Low priority
Not important
How do you rank the value of the Fort River's health?
How do you rank the value of the Fort River's flood resiliency?
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How many times in the last year have you and/or your family recreated (swimming, fishing, boating, enjoyed walking past, etc.) on the Fort River?
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What forms of recreation have you or your family enjoyed on the Fort River? (Select all that apply)
How often do you travel on the roadways where these culverts are?
Mult. times/day
Mult. times/week
Less than 1/week
Middle Street (southern end)
Potwine Lane (west end)
West Pomeroy Lane (west end)
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Without replacement, these culverts will more frequently cause roadway flooding.  During replacement, construction will cause temporary delays and closures.  How would rank the following statements below?

Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
I am ok with short term delays/road closures to replace these culverts.
I am ok with occassional road closures due to flooding.
I believe replacing these culverts is a high priority for the health of Fort River.
I believe replacing these culverts is a high priority for the resilience of Fort River.
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Please share any additional thoughts on this project, or concerns with the overall health and resilience of the Fort River.
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