Rocky Mount Mills oral history project
Use this form to sign up to share memories, history, and stories with us. For our October 8 event, we're particularly interested in what we're calling "Closing Stories"--the memories and stories of workers from the last days of the mill in the 1990s. We'll have lots of time set aside for these conversations on October 8, 2016, but we can also schedule other times at your convenience. Because these are your stories and we want you to be comfortable telling them, we encourage all participants to sign up with a storytelling partner (this could be a friend, co-worker, child or grandchild, spouse, or anyone else that you're comfortable talking with.) If you can't think of a partner or would rather talk to someone else, we'll have facilitators to help out! You can direct any questions to Elijah Gaddis, project manager, at We'll send you sample questions and a guide for your conversation after you sign up.
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