Who the fuck is Alice?!: Sign-Up
This is the initial sign-up form for Who the fuck is Alice?!, running October 21 - 24 2021.

Please note that this is an individual sign-up form only; Signing up as a couple or group is not allowed.

By sending in this form, potential participants agree to having their clear name and/or Facebook handle made available to other participants for flagging purposes.
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By sending in this form I agree to having my clear name, Facebook handle and/or other handles specified below made available to other participants for flagging and pregame communication purposes. *
Name *
Your FULL name and surname as you use it in your daily life
Other names
A name you are mostly known as / called, which is NOT your clear name. E.g. the name you are known under on social media or among friends.
Your pronouns *
Please choose the pronouns you are most comfortable with.
Facebook / Other communication *
Please put in your FB profile URL. If you don't have FB, please specify below how the org and other participants can get in contact with you, e.g. Discord handle, Skype handle or email address.
Date of birth *
Participants must be over 18 at the date of the larp. Please don't put 2020 as your birth year.
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