Rose Parade Accessible Viewing

The 2018 Rose Parade will take place on Monday, January 1st, beginning at 8 A.M. Three sidewalk or street-level areas on the Rose Parade route are reserved for people whose disabilities make coping with crowds or standing difficult. Admission is FREE and each disabled person may bring up to four guests.

The three accessible viewing areas are as follows:

1. West Colorado Area - North side of Colorado Blvd. near beginning of Rose Parade route. Drop-off in front allowed until 3 A.M. After that, the nearest passenger drop-off point is one block away. Limited reserved parking available.

2. Paseo Colorado Area - South side of Colorado Blvd. at 1/4 point in Rose Parade route. Drop-off in front allowed until 7 A.M. Reserved parking available. Sign interpretation and audio description available in this viewing area.

3. Sierra Madre Area - Median on Sierra Madre Blvd. near end of Rose Parade route. Drop-off 1/2 block from viewing area allowed until 8 A.M. No reserved parking available.

All three viewing areas are served by accessible restrooms.

To request space at an accessible viewing area, click Next to complete and submit this form. If you have questions or need assistance with completing this form call (626) 449-4100 or email
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