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Food Hack 2020 will bring together experts from across the food industry to bridge the gap between research and the market. Using Sprint & Lean Start Up methodology, three multidisciplinary teams will each design an innovative food proposition which harnesses the health benefits of a natural genetic mutation in peas.

Begin the Hack with an early idea, and you will finish with a clear product, roadmap, business proposition and pitch. New business propositions will be taken forward as proof-of-concepts funded by UK Research and Innovation.

This opportunity is for experienced professionals from SMEs across the food supply chain, including breeders, growers, processors, manufacturers, brands, retailers and consumer insight experts.

Location: Imperial College Advanced Hackspace, Stadium House, Door A, 68 Wood Lane, London W12 7TA

Dates: Wednesday 26th (6-8pm), Thursday 27th (9am-6pm) and Friday 28th (9am-7pm) of February

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Imperial College London (Imperial), Quadram Institute (QIB) and John Innes Centre (JIC) own IP related to modified pea varieties and processing methods for potential use applications in a range of novel, health-promoting foods. We are currently looking to develop opportunities to commercialise this IP and the Hack provides a framework to investigate options. Other participants may also have their own background IP relevant to this process and as such all information disclosed by all parties during the hack will remain confidential. The outputs from the Hack will remain the property of Imperial/QIB/JIC but we are looking to develop partnerships with organisations for individual ventures based on these outputs.
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