Cult of Pedagogy Invoice/Purchase Order Request
Please use this form to request an invoice for one of our resources. We accept purchase orders from U.S. customers for any order of $25 and over; for international customers, the minimum amount for a purchase order is $99. Here's how it works:

1. Within 24-48 hrs of receiving the following information, we will send, via email, an invoice with the total amount due.
2. You return a purchase order for the amount of the invoice. (If sent electronically, it will speed up the process quite a bit.)
3. We will email a coupon code, which will be good for the number of user licenses purchased.
4. Upon receiving this code, please remit payment as instructed on the invoice.
Note about JumpStart Plus
If you plan to pay for JumpStart Plus with a purchase order, please note that the purchase order (not just the request) must be received at least 5 days BEFORE THE START DATE of the cohort you wish to join. If the purchase order is received after that time, we may not be able to enroll you in your desired cohort.
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Please note: The minimum purchase for U.S. orders is $25. For international purchases, the minimum is $99.
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Part 2: Purchase Information
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