Questionnaire about experiences with the Japan Association for Self-Access Language Learning (JASAL)
We are carrying out a survey to reflect on JASAL's activities over the past years, and to identify ways we can better serve our members moving forward.

The following questions are about your experiences with JASAL. We appreciate your taking the time to provide honest and thoughtful responses. The survey is anonymous, and we estimate that it will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.
PART 1. Background information, and experience working in self-access language learning
What is your position and/or title at your institution? (e.g. learning advisor and lecturer)
Your answer
How would you characterize your current position?
Please provide specific details related to the above question.
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Aside from your current position, are there any other reasons that you are interested self-access learning? Please explain.
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Do you receive funds from your institution which you can use to cover the costs of attending JASAL events/conferences?
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