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The branch is the home of socialism, and it takes all of us to make this home a place that welcomes everyone in, and connects them to each other and the work of DSA. On Community and Social, we’ll be organizing the events, programs, and activities that engage our members and the wider community—coming up with new ideas to build relationships within the branch and brings new people to CBK.


As members of DSA, we’re all ‘Socialist Organizers’, and one of our big goals is to give each of us the skills and resources to be successful in our work building a movement for socialism. That means orienting new members, providing political education, offering skills and training, understanding each person’s passions and talents, and connecting them to the work in our chapter where they can make the biggest impact. This is the group that makes that happen.


We are the Central Brooklyn Branch, and for that to mean anything, we have to establish ourselves as an institution for working class power in Central Brooklyn. To do that means building relationships and supporting the needs of the people in our neighborhoods. The Base Building committee takes on the work of mapping our community, understanding the issues for the people here, and finding the best opportunities for CBK-DSA to work alongside our neighbors—building trust and recognition of collective power through the organizing together.


If we’re going to build the world we want—one free of racism, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, white supremacy, and all forms of repressive hierarchy—we have to commit to building a branch free of them as well. The Step Up / Step Back Collective was created to direct our efforts against oppression in CBK. It is a space for non cis-het white men to lead our work by forming real objectives that will be taken on by every other committee, building a branch, a community, and a membership committed to our socialist principles.


There is a great deal of work that goes into coordinating the broad functions of CBK-DSA, and while we on the OC are the facilitators of our branch, we recognized the opportunity to bring more people into the work. The Operating Committee works directly with us on the OC to support our subcommittees, coordinate and plan meetings, communicate with members, and create new and more effective structures that will help CBK grow with our community.

Please email the organizing committee at central.brooklyn@socialists.nyc if you have any questions.

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