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Welcome to the admission process for the West Coast Grades Teacher Training Program 2021.
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Additional Information About You
Tell us about your personal interests - skills, hobbies, musical instruments played and languages spoken.
Please tell us your reasons for applying to this program and include your personal and professional goals. Provide any information that you feel would be helpful to us in considering your application.
Please email the following documents to grades@westcoastinstitute.org to complete your application: *
Financial Information: Yearly Tuition is $5,700.00 CND
The WCI Waldorf Teacher Training is a Not for Profit, Charitable Organization and requires student tuition to support the program. Please let us know if you have applied for grants and then below how you will pay for the 3 years of the training.
Year 1 Tuition $5,700 *
How will you pay? Savings, loan or grant, other sources?
Year 2 Tuition $5,700 *
How will you pay? Savings, loan or grant, other sources?
Year 3 Tuition $5,700 *
How will you pay? Savings, loan or grant, other sources?
Program Application Fee is $100.00
When you submit this form you will be taken to a page with payment instructions. This fee is required at the time of application.
Authorization for Application for Admission
I hereby authorize the West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy (WCI) to investigate my personal history as presented herein. The investigation may include, but is not limited to, any information relating to my character, work experience, education or qualifications.

My signature below is my consent to release and disclosure of my personal information with previous employers, current employers, references, creditors, licensing bodies, and any other bodies. I agree to hold any such parties harmless for providing WCI with personal information related to this application.

This page of my Admissions Application may be provided to third parties as proof of my consent to the release of personal information to WCI, as described herein.

I hereby state that the information contained in this document is true and complete to my knowledge. I understand that a single false statement may result in cancellation of application/admission/continuation of program.
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