Early Registration Form for Mayim K-1 and Mayim Tamid
We are so excited that you are interested in enrolling your child in our elementary learning programs for the 2019-2020 school year! Children in grades K-5 have two options: (1) Mayim and (2) Mayim Tamid.

Mayim: Our Elementary Learning Program for Grades K-5

Mayim is TBS's elementary Jewish learning program for children in grades K-5 and their families. It is our answer to what is often called "religious school" or "Hebrew school" in other communities. Built around a project-based and experiential curriculum, it includes once-a-week classroom sessions and integrated opportunities for family learning and strong relationship building. Mayim is a wonderful way for children to experience meaningful Jewish learning as they build relationships in our TBS community. Children attend Mayim once a week and learn in mixed-age groups (grades K-1 together, grades 2-3 together, and grades 4-5 together). Learn more at tbsmayim.org

Mayim Tamid: Our Integrated Program of Afterschool Care and Jewish Learning:

Mayim Tamid ("Mayim Always") is a multi-day program, which combines the after school care found in many extended day programs with the rich Jewish learning and community building found in our Mayim program. Each day, children enjoy playground time, homework time, healthy snack, Hebrew and Jewish learning, prayer and song, and free play. Since it includes an active Jewish learning component, it "counts" as "Hebrew school." In Mayim Tamid, children experience Jewish life and cycles in real time, learning, celebrating and playing together in an environment that nurtures each child on their individual path. Children build deep relationships with their faculty, TBS rabbis and professional staff, and each other in a setting that helps children feel like the temple is their second home. Hebrew language learning is an integral part of the Mayim Tamid experience, as children build familiarity with Hebrew letters, vowels, words, and simple conversations. Learn more at tbsmayim.org/mayim-tamid
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