Dojo Comedy Show Scheduling Form (Jun–Jul 2019)
Some Dojo scheduling guidelines:
- Please list only dates you are actually available.
- Our preference is that your group is available for the whole show block for which you're scheduled (e.g., 7:30–8:30)
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Fri 6/21 7:30PM
Fri 6/21 9PM
Fri 6/2110:30PM
Fri 6/21 11:55PM (midnight show)
Sat 6/22 6PM
Sat 6/22 7:30PM
Sat 6/22 9PM
Sat 6/22 10:30PM
Sat 6/22 11:55PM (midnight show)
Fri 6/28 7:30PM
Fri 6/28 9PM
Fri 6/28 10:30PM
Fri 6/28 11:55PM (midnight show)
Sat 6/29 6PM
Sat 6/29 7:30PM
Sat 6/29 9PM
Sat 6/29 10:30PM
Sat 6/29 11:55PM (midnight show)
Fri 7/5 7:30PM
Fri 7/5 9PM
Fri 7/5 10:30PM
Fri 7/5 11:55PM (midnight show)
Sat 7/6 6PM
Sat 7/6 7:30PM
Sat 7/6 9PM
Sat 7/6 10:30PM
Sat 7/6 11:55PM (midnight show)
Fri 7/12 7:30PM
Fri 7/12 9PM
Fri 7/12 10:30PM
Fri 7/12 11:55PM (midnight show)
Sat 7/13 6PM
Sat 7/13 7:30PM
Sat 7/13 9PM
Sat 7/13 10:30PM
Sat 7/13 11:55PM (midnight show)
Fri 7/19 7:30PM
Fri 7/19 9PM
Fri 7/19 10:30PM
Fri 7/19 11:55PM (midnight show)
Sat 7/20 6PM
Sat 7/20 7:30PM
Sat 7/20 9PM
Sat 7/20 10:30PM
Sat 7/20 11:55PM (midnight show)
Fri 7/26 7:30PM
Fri 7/26 9PM
Fri 7/26 10:30PM
Fri 7/26 11:55PM (midnight show)
Sat 7/27 6PM
Sat 7/27 7:30PM
Sat 7/27 9PM
Sat 7/27 10:30PM
Sat 7/27 11:55PM (midnight show)
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