Robotics Internal Workshop
All of you are requested to fill this form to participate in Internal Robotics workshop.
Anyone can participate in this workshop.Compulsory for those who have paid Rupees 800 for previous workshop.
This Workshop is organised for understanding the basic of Robot making with Arduino.
This is for anyone and everyone. Anyone can make a robot but needs a proper guidance.

Kit Content:
1. Arduino Uno R3 with cable
2. Chassis
3. 2x Wheels
4. 2x Motor
5. Motor Driver L293d1
6. Ultrasonic Sensor
9. Jumper Wires (15 x Female to Male and 15 x Male to Male)
10. Breadboard
11. Caster Wheels
12. Battery and Holder
13. Screws
14. Servo Motor

Estimated Budget: Rs 1700
**Upto 80% refund after the Robotics Event**

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