Modern Stress Management for Pandemic Stress
Energy Psychology Centre
What are our Objective?
'Pandemic Stress' is causing tremendous stress to build up within us, Many fail to understand it's long term negative effects on us, if we do not deal with it now. Many are feeling down and fearful as it is going to drag on until the end of the year or more. We as the specialist in Modern Stress Management can do our part by using our amazing skill set to help the world to cope. This online Skype Meet group therapy sessions called 'Modern Stress Management for Pandemic Stress'.
It is a compassionate community service to help others in times of need. It is tailored to your needs so you can pick and choose what you need or take both.
It will be just an hour at MYR 40 for each session that you choose to attend. Join in 15 mins early as we start sharp at 3.30 pm

Issues and Dates:
18th Sat 3.30pm
Stress of Infection.
Stress of Confinement

19th Sunday 3.30pm
Stress on Family Bubble
Stress of Economic Fallout.

What can you Expect?
This workshop is design to remove the common issues that the general population is experiencing in this Pandemic that includes lock downs and fears of an invisible enemy. You will learn how to gauge your stress levels and learn self help techniques which can help you find relief and even resolves your fears. It is interactive and effective and will help you find more energy and strength to face this pandemic challenges.

Do I Need it?
Below is a simple assessment check box list to help you identify if you have signs of Pandemic Stress. Even having a single tick means you will benefit from this MSM Pandemic Stress group therapy workshop. Do join in as you will benefit from it.

Disclaimer and Conditions:
Please note that this MSM for Pandemic Stress workshop does not provide psychological diagnostic assessment. It is a self-help stress management tool for the general population. If you are depressed and have suicidal thoughts please refer to a psychiatrist or mental health professional.
Participants must take responsibility for their own health. Participants by registering have consented to Skype Meet recordings which may be public. Participants can volunteer to share or keep silent. It is your choice and you have direct control of your own actions. If you need more personal one to one session you are welcome to make an appointment for online session with Isaac Lim 0123215205/

One session MYR 40. Both sessions MYR 80

Please pay to Public Bank Bhd. / Name: Energy Psychology Centre/ Acc no: 3167301536
Whatsapp bank-in slip once paid.

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