NZ Representative Self-Nomination
Self-nomination to be considered for selection to a New Zealand National Curling Team.
You MUST submit your self-nomination by 30 April 2019 to be considered for selection.
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1/ If selected for a team, I confirm that I am available to travel to play for that team in national and specified international fixtures during the coming 12 months. 2/ I understand that if selected for a team, I will have to enter into an “Athlete Agreement” with the NZCA, and that I am committed to doing so. 3/ I understand that I may be required to register for out of competition random drug testing with Drug Free Sport NZ as well as drug testing at events. 4/ I understand that if selected for a team, I may have to cover some or all of the costs of travelling to train for and/or to play in national and international fixtures. 5/ I agree to abide with and be bound by the decisions of the National Selectors.
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