Aura - Chapter 2b
Read today's excerpt from Aura, and answer the following questions.
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Comprehension Section
Choose the Best possible answer.
pp. 43-45
What does Montero carry in his hand while walking from the dining room.
p. 47
Who are "the only happy figures in that iconography of sorrow and wrath"?
p. 49
What are "preserved in bottles of alcohol"?
p. 53
What has a "nest" in the corner of the room?
Short Answer Section
Answer the following questions using Complete Sentences.
P. 43
Why do you think Montero gives the key to Aura, instead of keeping it and retrieving his own things from his apartment?
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PP. 45-47
What is Consuelo is doing when Montero goes to visit her?
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P. 47
Describe the "iconography of sorrow and wrath":
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P. 49
Describe Consuelo's physical state:
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PP. 51-53
How does this chapter of the novella end?
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Making Predictions
What is one important question that the reader has at this point in the story? How do you think this question will be resolved by the end of the story?
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