Nested Knowledge Design and Research Goals
This research design survey identifies key areas of research need, data points of interest, and presentation strategies that would optimize communication about clinical outcomes for neurovascular care. First, we would like to know how you currently find this information and any shortcomings in these methods that we could help overcome. Then, please identify the most important clinical research questions you think need to be addressed through effective gathering of data from current publications, what data you would like to examine in order to answer such questions, and what data visualizations you think would help interpret these results.

Also, please indicate your area of specialty, general research priorities, and any interest you may have in participating in further research design surveys or coinvestigating any of these research questions. Our coinvestigators contribute substantively to our data gathering design, interpretations, and submit publications based on the outcomes of the research completed through "nest" creation.

Thank you for your assistance, and we look forward to completing the research you contribute to here and improving transparency, harmonization, and communication about neurovascular therapies.
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