Property Owner Feedback about the idea of a Downtown Improvement District (DID)
A survey to get a general sense of where property owners stand in relation to creating a downtown improvement district. If you are not a property owner, but would like to weigh in on these questions, please email Heart of Biddeford at (You can also view a list of city public works' services currently offered, here:
How important is it to you that property owners have a say in what services are offered in the downtown?
Not important at all
Extremely important
Please list any new or expanded services you believe would improve the downtown. Note: these would not necessarily be provided by the city. (Here are a few examples: full street sweeping, early sidewalk plowing, sidewalk cleanliness, downtown marketing, tourism outreach, extended police services or ambassador program, certain events, etc, etc...)
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In order to have augmented services in the downtown, ones that may not be offered in other parts of town, do you believe property owners should contribute anything beyond their existing taxes?
Not open to additional taxes for augmented services
Open to additional taxes for augmented services
Given the substantial increase in property values and property taxes at the end of 2017, how open would you be to additional taxes for services if a tax were phased in gradually (over a number of years) or matched by municipal funds?
Not open, even if phased or matched
Open, if phased in or matched
Please offer any other constructive comments or questions you may have for the city council/city staff:
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