SCAPE 2019: In need of transport?
If you don't go by car, bike, or foot (it's 5 km from Höör station) to the SCAPE venue (Backagården) it is important that you fill in this form so we know how many people are coming and leaving at different time points, because we probably need to complement the public transport the last bit between Höör station and Backagården due to low public transport capacity.

The public transport company will make sure to use an extra large bus for the departure 16:43 (arrives 16:51 at Backagården), so it is good if as many people as possible take that bus.

On Sunday, the last morning bus from Backagården leaves at 10:07 (arriving at Höör station 10:17). Because the program lasts until after that bus, we are planning to rent a bus leaving at 10:50, arriving approximately at 11:05 to Höör train station. For this we would need to know how many are interested in the option.

Here you can check all departures to and from destinations within Sweden and Eastern Denmark: For instructions on how and where to by tickets, check the SCAPE 2019 website
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Thursday 24:th: When do you go from Höör station to Backagården? *
If you chose alternative 2, at what time will you take the bus from Höör station:
If you chose alternative 5, at what time will you arrive to Höör station:
Sunday 27:th: When do you need to leave from Backagården? *
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