Starfleet Application
1. Who can apply and what are the application requirements?
1. Seed-stage startups - you have identified a business model, have go-to-market strategy and MVP (or a plan for it).
2. The founders have a clear idea and vision about their project, defining the problem and the solution offered.
3. The product/service must use blockchain.
4. The founders have the skills to cover all crucial points of their business.
2. What are the benefits of participating in Starfleet?
1. One week intense learning program of workshops and lectures provided by industry experts. At the end of the week we will select some teams to continue the program.
2. One month mentoring program tailored to the needs of each of the selected startups with consultants and experts.
3. Demo to investors and partners at the end of the program.
4. An investment of up to $100 000 in AE tokens and services.
5. Six months of mentorship & guidance for all teams selected for investment.
3. What we expect from the Starfleet participants?
1. The selected teams can participate remote (online) or in person (at own travel and accommodation expense) in the activities during the Genesis week.
2. Full commitment during all workshops, lectures and private sessions. Preferably, represented by 2 members on each workshop during this e Genesis week.
3. Proper preparation prior to the participation in each workshop.
4. Active involvement and accomplishment of all assignments.
5. Use æternity blockchain as main blockchain in their product/service.
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