Equipment Sponsor Program
This form is for donors who would like to direct their donation for one or more pieces of equipment within a specified state or to a specific agency, department(s) or K9(s).

Complete the form below to begin this process.

Note: Equipment sponsor funding may include an invoice payment, physical event, or online fundraiser through an approved platform, but must be equal to the donation total required to fund an entire equipment grant item request.

To make a general donation or to fund a piece of equipment for the next approved request we receive, you may also visit the DONATE page on our website.
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If you would like to donate to a specific K9 or department, please enter their information here (or as much as you are able).
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Sponsor Custom Patch Add-on (Optional)
Include a customized patch with a personalized inscription (up to 30 characters) for an additional $10. The receiving agency will receive and may apply it to the equipment grant or display it by other means.
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Sponsor Custom Patch Inscription
Enter your inscription and your invoice will reflect the addition of $10 for sponsor patch (30 character maximum). Leave BLANK if you do not want to send a patch.
Press Releases
For each equipment grant award, Hero K9 issues at least two (2) press releases. Equipment sponsors have the opportunity to include a dedication or memorial statement, which would appear in each press release. Would you like your donation to include a dedication, memorial, or other such statement? *
If you would like a dedication, memorial, or other such statement, please include it here:
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By checking this box and entering your digital signature below, you agree to: 1. Submit payment for the sponsored equipment in the form of a check or major credit/debit card for an issued invoice; or, 2. Conduct a fundraiser to cover the cost(s) of the equipment sponsorship. Funding is due in full before any equipment is ordered. Equipment donations cover the cost of the equipment and related shipping expenses. A small portion (average of 15%) of each equipment donation is also directed toward our general fund for operational and/or other business-related expenses.
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