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The Energy Club Mentorship Program matches students with mentors based on a variety of characteristics including: area of study, geographic location, career interests, and personality. This relationship is intended to have a mutual benefit to the student and the mentor. The students will benefit from valuable academic and professional advice and guidance. This will enhance the students overall experience at CU as they have a professional outlet to turn to. The mentor will benefit by from the fresh academic perspective provided by the student and by nurturing a relationship with future energy leaders. Mentors may also satisfy their desire as alumni or as business professional to directly engage with students and have a meaningful impact on their careers. The overall mission is to create an active community between CU energy students and energy professionals.

The kickoff event will be the evening of October 20th, 2016 at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse in Boulder! Students will be able to connect with professionals and, if interested, join the mentorship program to maintain a lasting relationship with a professional who matches your interests! All CU students are invited to attend!

Note: Options will be available for students and mentors who are unable to attend the kickoff event.

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