Application - Soxster Gangbang Top
Andrew Soxster ( hosts a monthly gangbang in Melbourne Australia. This document tells you a bit more about the kind of gangbang tops we are after and how to apply.

Unfortunately, only a small number of people who apply will get the opportunity to top at a Soxster gangbang. But we would really like to encourage people to create their own groups. It does require organization but it’s a lot of fun. There are a lot of hungry bottoms out there, please create your own.

If you aren’t accepted, please don’t feel bad. In fact you should be proud for even considering applying. If this is something you really want to happen, then you can do it. :) We don’t have a monopoly.
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Are you 18 or older? While the age of consent in Victoria is 16 we want to film the sessions and therefore require tops to be 18 or older. Put your age below:
Do you live in Melbourne, Australia or Brisbane, Australia. If not, do you have a visit planned?
Are you on PREP or undetectable? We are after people who are actively protecting themselves against HIV or have an undetectable viral load.
Do you speak English? Good communication between the bottom and tops is essential and we need people who are highly proficient in English.
Are you prepared to be photographed and filmed and have the footage posted online? We don’t need to film faces but your body will be filmed. If you are prepared to show your face (e.g. rimming the bottom) that’s awesome.
Do you really like sucking cock and fucking? With one boy being fucked, the tops make out and blow each other. We prefer tops who like to suck cock.
Do you have photos of yourself online already? It’s reassuring to know that you’ve already posted naked pics of yourself online as it shows you know what you are signing up for.
Are you kink positive? We prefer people who enjoy kinks and like being around people who are kinky.
Can you encourage and support the bottom? We are not after tops with rape fantasies - we want to help the bottom boy take as much cock as possible. You need to be encouraging the bottom, comfort him, support him, to be the best fuck toy he can be. Do not apply if you are just looking to dump a load in a cute hole - you need to make a connection.
Can you do this without drugs? You need to turn up and not be on any drugs or alcohol. We have drinks during the evening - and you can have as many poppers as you want - but nothing else.
Are you nice? We want people who are nice, polite and well mannered. Afterwards we want you to be social and friendly and get to know the group. Aftercare is so important for the bottom and easing them down from their high is important.
Have you ever double fucked someone before? Experience counts.
How’s your cock? We don’t have size requirements but if you’re packing something special let us know.
Do you take care of your sexual health? We want this to be a safe space and everyone have respect for each other. There are health risks associated with group sex but we are after people who are regularly tested. You should be aware of the risks of contracting an STI in a gangbang - this is a risk you are accepting by participating.
Because we are after tops who are open and exhibitionistic there is no need to send photos or videos (but you can if you want). It’s best to send links to videos or photos of yourself online (your Twitter, Recon, etc). 
We wish we accept everyone who applies but there’s only so many liters of cum the bottoms can take without drowning. :) Good luck and thank you for applying.
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