Dog Foster Application
Thank you for your interest in fostering dogs in need through HSWM! When we send dogs into foster homes it is most commonly because they do not do well in the kennel environment. Stress from the shelter environment may cause unwanted behaviors and personality changes in some dogs. Fostering is a great way to show the public who a dog truly is and how they will act in their home. We do allow fostering for any period of time, whether it be a weekend, a week, or a month, but with kennel stressed dogs, we prefer them to stay in their foster home until they get adopted, which can be a few months. When we send puppies to foster it is normally for 1-2 weeks. Promoting your foster dog is a HUGE part of fostering, as we expect our foster families to try their hardest to find a home for their foster. We do still promote the dog on our end, but you as the foster will get to know the dog better than we do, and you are the best chance at finding the dog a forever home. Social media, public outings, and sending good quality photos to the foster coordinator monthly are key to the foster dog getting adopted.

If you decide to adopt your foster dog, there is no fee for you, however if your family or friends want to adopt, the normal adoption fee applies.

HSWM provides all supplies needed to foster as well as medical care.
After you fill out the application, the foster coordinator will contact you by email.
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