Thank you so much for filling in the application for Girls Rock London's Summer Camp 2018!

We are really looking forward to having your child at our camp this summer! Please read the important information below before completing the application.

Girls Rock London is an intensive six day non-residential camp running from Monday 30th July - Saturday 4th August 2018 at BSix College in Clapton. It provides 11-16 year olds with the opportunity to learn the basics of an instrument, play in a band and write and perform a song. No musical experience is needed AT ALL!

The camp provides an opportunity for young women and girls to develop their musical and performing abilities in an environment that is specifically designed to develop and build their confidence and self-esteem. We warmly welcome young people who identify as girls, trans and gender non-conforming to our camps.


On the first day we will help the participants to form a band, and they will try out all of the instruments that we will be working with at the camp: these are the drums, guitar, bass, drumpad/sampler, and synth (keyboard). Following this they will be assigned one instrument which they will focus on for the rest of the week. All participants will have the opportunity to work on and perform vocals in their band.

Over the course of the week they will take part in a range of workshops and we will give them tools to develop their skills, work on their song-writing and fine-tune their performance. The camp ends in a final showcase concert where they will perform with their bands in a live gig at BSix College.


The final gig will take place at the same location as the camp - BSix College in Clapton - on the 4th August at 15.00. This is where all the bands will perform their newly-written songs. You and your family and friends are invited to come along to this celebration.


This year we are encouraging you to pay what you can afford on a sliding scale for a place at Girls Rock London Summer Camp.

A sliding scale is a tool to ensure everyone has equal access to experiences like Girls Rock London, regardless of financial resources. We ask for your active participation in deciding your contribution. If a sliding scale is implemented effectively, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income for tuition. This way, the cost of GRL! is not pocket change for some and a big commitment for others. While Girls Rock London is a small organisation, we make sliding scale a priority because we acknowledge that we live in a world of differing privileges and income disparities.


GRL! is committed to reducing financial barriers for girls who want to participate in our camps, and we have fundraised to provide free places for young women from low-income households in Hackney where we are based. These places are generally referred through partner organisations, although we will consider independent applications as well. If you have been offered a free place through a partner organisation please let us know below.

The total cost to Girls Rock London for a place at camp is £850 per young person. ALL places are subsidised by our fundraising. Our suggested contribution towards that amount for various income bands is listed below. Please note our suggestions are simply that; you can decide what you would like to pay based on the income available to you. You can also pay an amount not listed below (although it must be over £150 unless you are applying for a free place).

Please consider your household income and contribute what you can afford:

• I am applying for a free place (please tell us the name of the person or organisation who referred you for a place in the comment box below, or if you are applying independently as a Hackney resident tell us more about why you are applying for a free place)
• Under £20,000 - £120 (limited places available)
• £20,000 - £27,000 - £185 (limited places available)
• £27,000 - £35,000 - £255
• £35,000 - £42,000 - £310
• £42,000 - £50,000 - £365
• More than £50,000 - £440

Lunch included Monday-Saturday

Please do feel free to ask us any questions!


To secure your child's place on the camp we will need a non-refundable deposit of 50%. You will receive an email with details about how to pay this after the place has been confirmed. You can also pay in instalments, but please note that 100% of the fee must be received before the beginning of camp. Full payment is due one month before the start of camp (July 2nd); if your child drops out after this point, your fee and deposit will not be refunded unless we can fill the place.


We are looking for girls and young women* aged 11-16 who want to make music and be part of a band in a supportive and like-minded community of peers. They don’t need ANY musical experience at all, and we are especially keen to encourage girls and young women who have never learnt an instrument before. They may have never played an instrument, and they don't need to like rock music (we encourage participants to play all sorts of music). Participants do not need to be based in London (although we can only offer places to young people living in England). None of this matters. If they want to get involved we want to hear from them!

*GRL! welcomes applicants who self-identify as girls, women, trans and/or gender non-conforming.


There will be 25 participants at our camp.

The camp is expected to fill up quickly so please make sure to get your application in early so as not to be disappointed. Those who are not accepted this time round will be placed on a waiting list in case any further places become available.


The camp will be taking place at BSix Sixth Form College at Kenninghall Rd, London E5 8BP. The camp will take place in their music department which provides a perfect environment in which to learn about making and performing music.


The camp is an intensive six-day programme and your child must be available for the whole time to take part. These are the timings for the camp:

Monday 30th July - Saturday 4th August: 10.00-17.30
Saturday Showcase Concert - Saturday 4th August: 15.00 (for friends and families of the participants - this event will be invite only)


This year we have been awarded funding to run a post-camp programme for participants to support those who want to keep making and performing music throughout the year. This year we will be offering:

- a six session follow-up programme with masterclasses, mentoring and workshops, which will take place between September and November
- as part of the same programme we will be providing the opportunity to record an original song in a professional studio and also to perform at 1-2 additional live gigs

With your permission we will send you more information about the follow-up course. Please let us know below if you'd like to receive this information.


We take the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all our camp participants very seriously, and have strict safeguarding and child protection measures in place in order to promote a safe and inclusive environment for girls and young women to thrive and achieve.

If your child is successful in getting a place at Girls Rock London 2018 we will contact you again to gather more information about your child's dietary and medical needs, collection arrangements, and other logistical and practical support needs, to ensure that we are able to provide the best possible experience for her during the camp.

You can read about our safeguarding policies and procedures at this link:

If you have any questions about child protection and safeguarding relating to Girls Rock London please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be very happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

Please DO NOT contact BSix College with any questions about Girls Rock London.

You can get in touch with Girls Rock London at We really look forward to hearing from you!

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At the camp, all participants will have the opportunity to try out the five instruments we are working with this year: electric guitar, drums, electronics (drum pad/sampler), bass guitar and synth/keyboard. At the end of the first day participants will submit a list of their preferred choice of instrument to focus on for the rest of the week, and will then be allocated an instrument based on these preferences. We do our best to ensure that everyone plays their first choice instrument, but limited spaces are available for each group and so this is not always possible. Please use this space to tell us about any experience you have with any of the five instruments we are using, as well as vocals (it's okay if you have none - it's still useful for us to know):
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