preX:  Round 1 Application
This form contains 24 required questions. Please set aside ~10 minutes to complete the form. Please note that applications without adequate detail for evaluation will likely not advance to a Round 2 application invitation.

This form MAY NOT SAVE your answers before submission. We highly recommend you draft your answers in a separate document before starting this form.

For more information on the program, please feel free to visit or contact us at
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1. First Name *
eg. Wile
2. Last Name *
eg. Coyote
3. Applicant Email *
4. Company / Project Name (or Anticipated Name) *
e.g. Acme Corp
5. Company Website (if available)
6. Company Zip Code (if a company zip code is not available, please provide the applicant’s zip code) *
e.g. 96792
7. Year Company Founded (if applicable)
e.g. 2018
8. Number of Founding Team Members *
9. Current Product Stage *
10. Current Business Stage *
11. Do you already have a company formed? *
12. One-Sentence Description (125 characters max) *
e.g. We sell the best bird traps
13. Company / Team Location *
14. Short Problem Description (problem you’re solving for with your product or service). (625 characters max) *
e.g. Roadrunners provide a great source of nutrition but those pesky birds are difficult to catch.
15. Detailed Description of Your Solution / Idea / Business (1,875 characters max) *
e.g. The ACME Corp. provides you with a monthly subscription of the latest Rube Goldberg traps guaranteed to catch a roadrunner or your money back.
16. Have you ever applied to an Accelerator, Investor Group, or Investment Fund before? *
17. If you selected any of the “Yes” options above, please indicate ALL the PREVIOUS places where you have applied.
e.g. BeepBeep Accelerator, Looney Tunes Angel Group, and Warner Bros. Family Fund
18. Have you ever received funding before? Check all that apply (NOTE:  Must be actual financial capital, NOT time invested) *
19. If you have received funding, please indicate the amount of funding you have raised to date (if none, put $0). *
20. Revenue Generated in the Past Year (if none, put $0) *
21. Has COVID-19 impacted your business? *
22. Why are you applying to preX? (1,000 characters max) *
23. What has been the biggest challenge of doing business in Hawaii? (1,000 characters max) *
24. How Did You Hear About the preX Program? (check all that apply) *
In an effort to promote and support inclusivity, please answer as many of the following demographic questions (optional).
25. Race/Ethnicity - I and/or someone on my team identifies as (check all that apply):
26. Gender - I and/or someone on my team identifies as (check all that apply):
27. I and/or someone on my team is a(n) (check all that apply):
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