CT Envirothon: January Workshop Week
Hi everyone! Please fill out the form below if you plan on attending one or all of the following workshops:
- Monday 1/11 Soil Workshop @ 4-5pm
- Wednesday 1/13 Wildlife Workshop @ 4-5pm
- Thursday 1/14 Aquatics Workshop @ 4-5pm

The Tuesday Forestry Workshop will be the release of study materials on our website (http://ctenvirothon.org/january-2021-workshop-series/).

We will use the email you provide on this form to send you the zoom invite link for the webinars that you indicated you will be attending (each workshop will have a different zoom link and will be sent in separate emails).

Once you access your zoom link, you will enter the "waiting room" and the name you provide on this form will be cross referenced with your entry. Please make sure that the name you use on this form is the name you will use when logging onto zoom. You will be muted upon entry. Please remain muted and turn your video off. You will be able to interact with the presenters via chat and via the reaction buttons. There may also be polls that the presenter sends out throughout the presentation.
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Thank you for registering for Connecticut Envirothon's January Workshop Week. Your respective zoom webinar link will be sent to you through the email you provided above.
More information can be found at: http://ctenvirothon.org/january-2021-workshop-series/
Or contact our Connecticut Envirothon Program Coordinator, Mindy Gosselin: CTEnvirothon@gmail.com
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